International Trade Banks

Most of the world's major trade banks already use Trade Technologies' web-based software to receive original UCP 600 compliant letter of credit and open-account trade documents from their export customers.  

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Trade Technologies provides global trade banks with a comprehensive solution to interface with their export customers, allowing end-to-end management of exporter letter of credit and open account transactions. Our solution enables a bank’s exporting customers to present original UCP 600-compliant trade documents and original open-account documents directly to the examination offices of international trade banks anywhere in the world without the expense of couriers.

Banks partner with Trade Technologies to make our outsourced services and industry-leading technology available to their export customers, which simplifies and accelerates the delivery of trade documentation. This connectivity improves customer experience and drives additional revenues to the bank. Our software converts a commodity bank service—trade document examination—into a competitive advantage helping global trade banks improve customer service and increase trade services fee revenues from existing and newly acquired customers. Our platform is easy to use and implement. It is a proven solution, processing more than $9 billion in global transactions per year.

Features and Benefits for International Trade Banks:

Increase fee-based revenues by adding new customers and providing enhanced service to existing customers

Achieve pricing advantage through significantly reduced courier fees, document archiving and imaging costs

Balance workload across examination processing centers and better utilize staff

Show immediate ROI with a rapidly deployable, low maintenance web-based solution

Increase examiner efficiency with improved document accuracy and reduced discrepancies