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Trade Technologies provides internet-powered software and services that greatly accelerate cash flow and reduce risk for Exporters, Forwarders and Asia-Direct Importers and Vendors. We are the only company to have patented technology for fully automating the process of delivering original UCP 600 compliant letter of credit documents online to major Global Trade Banks located across the world.

Our software and outsourced solutions streamline the creation and delivery of complex letter of credit and other trade payment documentation. As a result, our customers are consistently paid faster and more reliably, with fewer errors and lower costs. All our solutions can be implemented immediately with little or no upfront costs and predictable transaction-based pricing.

We are the global leader in trade payment document solutions with over 1,500 exporter customers using our services to process over $9 billion in transactions annually. Our customers are routinely paid 10 to 60 days sooner after implementation of our solutions.

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