Global Trade Platform

If you need a platform for accelerating payment and simplifying the creation and delivery of trade payment documentation, we have the solution.

Our industry-leading web-based technology automates the creation and delivery of complex letter of credit and other trade payment documents for commodities traders and other exporters that have experienced document professionals in-house. Our revolutionary web-based trade document platform accelerates payments, reduces costs and provides unparalleled visibility and control of the financial supply chain. Our web-based platform is easy to use and implement and is highly scalable, processing more than $9 billion in global transactions per year.

Commodities companies in the paper, metals, chemicals, grain and cotton industries report accelerated payment and fewer errors with lower overall costs.

Specifically, our platform:

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Platform Features

Workflow that controls the creation, review, approval and distribution of accurate global trade documents

Flexible, secure and reliable means of presenting trade documents via the Internet
Upload and archive documents, communications and file information into one common content platform and repository
Real-time trade receivables reporting and business intelligence to proactively manage cost and risk
Hosted, web-service for rapid deployment, low maintenance and immediate ROI