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I/we the registrant being a duly authorized officer of the applicant organization in consideration of Trade Technologies, Inc. (“Trade Technologies”) from time to time certifying Certificates of Origin and other export-related documents such as VISA request letters, or otherwise certifying documents upon request by Company Name entered above (henceforth referred to as “the Organization”), the Organization hereby accepts FULL responsibility for the veracity, accuracy and completeness of such documents as are submitted by the Organization (and/or its representatives), or by the Organization on behalf of any of its clients.

The Organization also affirms that the documents submitted for certification will not pertain to the export of controlled goods; if affirmative, that it (or its clients) will obtain the necessary authorizations prior to submission to Trade Technologies.

Further, the Organization waives and agrees to release and hold harmless Trade Technologies and its officers in respect of all claims or expenses that the Organization or foreign authorities may have against Trade Technologies or its officials, now or in the future, in connection with such certification, and to indemnify Trade Technologies and its officials in respect of any costs or liability to Trade Technologies or its officials arising from such certification.

The Organization acknowledges that Trade Technologies will keep copies of documents certified with the background documentation provided. If Trade Technologies is presented with a demand for production of documents which is authorized by law, the Organization authorizes Trade Technologies to produce documents received from the Organization in accordance with the demand. The Organization also agrees to make readily available to Trade Technologies any other background documents (to be kept by the Organization for up to three years after the certification), for review by relevant authorities if requested.