Trade Technologies Case Studies

BofAML - Tame the Paper in Trade Transactions

Tame the Paper in Trade Transactions: Boost Working Capital with Paper-to-Electronic Technology

Executive Summary:
Despite talk of new, more automated trade instruments, paper-intensive letters of credit (L/C) transactions remain popular. But global exporters can achieve a number of benefits by using software and outsourcing services designed to streamline the preparation and delivery of trade documents associated with L/Cs. This paper examines how employing existing technology within the current infrastructure can help reduce costs and delays and positively impact working capital.

Direct Imports Case Study

Direct Imports Case Study: Major Chinese Company Streamlines and Automates International Trade Document Process to Cut Costs and Improve Cash Forecasting

Trade Technologies’ customer (“Appliance Company”) is a wholly-owned subsidiary of a Chinese multinational consumer electronics company. Appliance Company is responsible for all of their parent company’s products sold in North America – mostly through major retailers such as Lowes, Home Depot, Target, Amazon and Walmart. For these large US retailers, Appliance Company delivers goods from the factories in China directly to each retailer’s consolidator in Asia under the “direct import” model.

Forest Product Company

Case Study: Forest Products Exporters Use Trade Technologies’ Software to Automate and Streamline Trade Documentation

Trade Technologies provides web-based trade documentation software to multiple Forest Products Exporters located in the United States and Canada. These companies are major producers and exporters of lumber, plywood, pulp and paper. Prior to 2010, most of Forest Products Exporters’ products, other than pulp and paper, were sold to the United States construction industry, with exports to Asia and the rest of the world representing a relatively small percentage of their business.

However, following the housing crisis in the United States, sales to the US declined while exports to Asia grew dramatically. To manage payment risk, the Forest Products Exporters sold to Asia under letter of credit terms rather than open account. The increase in documentation and accuracy required for letter of credit (LC) transactions put significant pressure on Forest Products Exporters’ systems, processes and personnel. To resolve these issues and enable further export growth, Forest Products Exporters implemented Trade Technologies’ web-based software system (the “Trade Platform”) for LC and other complex trade documentation.

Fortune 500 Chemical Company

Case Study: Fortune 500 Chemical Company Reduces Costs and Gains Control of the Trade Document Process Using Trade Technologies' Services and Software

Our client is a global Fortune 500 technology and specialty materials leader in the production of differentiated chemistry solutions and specialty materials used in most major industries and consumer applications. They are one of the world’s largest producers of acetyl products, which are intermediate chemicals for nearly all industries. Our client is also a prominent global producer of high performance engineered polymers that are used in a variety of high-value applications. Their products are manufactured in North America, Europe and Asia and are exported globally under a variety of payment structures, including letters of credit, documentary collections and open account.

Home Depot Case Study

Case Study: Reducing Costs of Complying with Home Depot Documentation Requirements

Home Depot suppliers who source goods in Asia and sell on open account terms under Home Depot’s Direct Import program are required to comply with a complicated process to deliver documents for payment. This paper-based process requires constant management of third-party documents originating in Asia and numerous expensive and time consuming international courier packages. If mistakes are made, or delays occur, Home Depot can access multiple additional fees and charges to the supplier. As a result, the document process alone routinely adds over $300 of additional cost to every shipment. For even smaller suppliers, that can add up to over $200,000 of additional costs per year.

Trade Technologies is the world’s largest provider of trade documentation software and services. For the last 10 years, we have been providing suppliers to large US retailers that are sourcing goods in Asia with an outsourced solution that reduces costs and accelerates payment while providing credit and collections personnel with complete visibility, control and predictability in the trade receivables process.

Trade Technologies works with numerous Home Depot suppliers to greatly improve the process for managing, creating and electronically delivering these documents to the US paying banks. As a result, our customers are typically paid several days faster. Additionally, they avoid international courier fees, as well as the numerous penalties for failures to comply with the Home Depot process. Lastly, supplier employees are freed from managing this process on a daily basis and can deal with more pressing customer and business issues. Trade Technologies can reduce the overall cost of complying with the Home Depot document process by more than half and provide similar results for suppliers selling to other large retailers.

Mr. Bar-B-Q Case Study

Case Study: Vendor to North American Retailers Accelerates Payment and Increases Visibility and Control Using Trade Technologies Services and Software

Mr. Bar-B-Q is a fast-growing international distributor of high-quality BBQ tools, accessories and parts. While Mr. Bar-B-Q is based in the US, it obtains cost advantages by utilizing strong manufacturing partnerships across Asia. Mr. Bar-B-Q’s customer base includes a specialty dealer network as well as mass merchants, home centers, specialty grocers, online retailers and catalog retailers, to which they sell under both letter of credit and open account payment terms.


Razor Global Payment Collections

Executive Summary:
Trade Technologies manages the entire document supply chain from Razor’s suppliers to its buyers under letters of credit, direct import, collections and open account transactions. Trade Technologies has reduced Razor’s risk and transaction costs while accelerating collections and providing visibility, predictability and control to a complex financial supply chain.

Razor is a leading global provider of scooters and wheeled sporting goods. Razor sells its products globally under a variety of payment structures including open account, retailer direct import, direct collections and traditional letters of credit.

In most cases, Razor is sourcing its products from one or more third party suppliers across Asia. These suppliers are shipping final products directly to Razor’s retailers and other buyers in 26 countries. Each of these buyers has its own unique document and other requirements for import and payment purposes. Supplier documents need to be collected and delivered to Razor, replaced with compliant Razor documents that can be securely and quickly sent to buyers or banks for payment. This complex process is usually fraught with inefficiencies, errors, paper documents and unpredictable delays in payment.


Case Study: Automobile Industry Logistics Operations Accelerates Payment and Increases Visibility and Control Using Trade Technologies' Services and Software

Toyota Logistics Services (TLS), a subsidiary of Toyota Motor Sales, is a longstanding company that manages Toyota, Lexus, and Scion vehicle logistics operations, planning and administration on a daily basis. TLS is involved in many arenas that include partnerships with eight (8) North American Class I railroads, 12 trucking companies, 10 ocean carriers, and management of approximately 4,200 routes. TLS is also responsible for inbound vehicle logistics for Mexico and U.S. exports of vehicles to 34 countries worldwide.