Trade Technologies provides patented software and services that accelerate the creation and delivery of complex letter of credit and other trade documentation. Our customers are consistently paid faster and more reliably with lower overhead costs.

Global Exporters

Accelerate creation and delivery of accurate trade documents for faster payment

Asia-Direct Imports

Automate document creation and delivery from Asia to North American and European retailers

Trade Banks

Receive digital letter of credit and Direct Import open account documents for examination

Freight Forwarders

Deliver better service by outsourcing your customers' letter of credit and banking needs
We combine cutting-edge technology, trade documentation experts, and best-in-class processes to improve visibility into the financial supply chain. We process over $9 billion in global transactions per year. Learn what we can offer »

Upcoming Events:

Webinar: How to Finance Exports & Grow Your Business Internationally
December 13, 2016

Trade Technologies and Export-Import Bank of the United States are co-hosting this educational webinar. Participants will learn how to finance exports and grow your business internationally. At this event, guest speaker, Craig Schumann, Regional Director from the Export-Import Bank of the United States, will discuss how your business can: find foreign buyers, access capital to finance your export sales, and reduce risk with export credit insurance. 98% of export companies are small businesses. Don't limit your growth by not exporting!

Webinar: The Role and Effective Use of Credit Insurance
December 14, 2016

Trade Technologies and the US Commercial Services are cohosting this informative webinar.

This webinar will introduce exporters to credit insurance and how it can be used as an effective selling tool in the international market place.

Webinar: Letters of Credit 301: Advanced
January 18, 2017

Would you like to learn how to use LCs as effective financing tools?

Trade Technologies and the International Cotton Association (ICA) are co-hosting this instructive webinar.

Commercial letters of credit (“LCs”) can be an effective payment mechanism, provided you get the details right. Join us for our advanced letter of credit webinar that goes beyond using LCs as effective payment tools to address key details about how LCs can be used as powerful financing tools that work for both you and your international customers.

Seminar: Letters of Credit Training - What Every Exporter Must Know to Sharpen Their LC Ninja Skills - Houston
February 16-17, 2016

This interactive 2-day seminar, provides indispensable tools, techniques and practical knowledge for export financing. Attendees will gain a clearer understanding of how to really use payment and financing tools such as letters of credit; offer competitive terms and yet receive payment upon shipment; protect balance sheets from the risks of international trade; and create win-win client relationships that increase international sales and revenue.

Webinar: Incoterms 2010
March 22, 2017

This informative webinar cohosted by Trade Technologies and the International Cotton Association (ICA), will present an in-depth overview of Incoterms® 2010 and how to best select the right Incoterm. We will cover how Incoterms® evolved and their most recent revisions. Time will be spent explaining and demystifying the terms and the implications these terms have on cost and risk. By the end of the session you will be familiar with Incoterms® and which terms are best for you.

Webinar: Understanding Cargo Insurance
May 17, 2017

Trade Technologies and the International Cotton Association (ICA) are co-hosting this educational webinar on understanding cargo insurance.

Do the nuances of cargo insurance leave you baffled? You think you are covered, but what about the “what ifs?” Please join us for an informative webinar where we will address: “Uncommon Cargo Insurance- Am I covered?” During this webinar Trade Technologies’ Chip Thomas, will discuss some of the more subtle cargo insurance liability issues occurring in everyday cargo transit situations.